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Why HealthWise?


HealthWise set out to create protein products, protein bars and healthy low carb food choices that patients love to eat because they’re delicious. Our team of food scientists was tasked with not only making sure the nutrition was sound – and that our products used the highest-quality protein – but that the taste was unbeatable. Now, nearly three decades of success demonstrates that HealthWise has delivered on its promise. 

At HealthWise, we understand that even the healthiest foods do patients no good if they wind up uneaten. That’s why it’s our mission to create healthy low-carb food choices that patients love to eat because they’re delicious. Our food scientists possess more than just the knowledge necessary to create nutritionally sound products; they are culinary artisans with a genuine passion for taste and presentation.

For over three decades, our food scientists at HealthWise have consistently created unbelievably delicious, high-protein products designed to help patients struggling with medical weight-loss issues. Our experts continue to challenge themselves to develop new and exciting food choices for people struggling with their weight and metabolic issues.

As they imagine and bring each new product to life, our food scientists are tasked with three directives: to use only the highest-quality proteins, create a nutritionally sound product, and, just as importantly, to make sure each and every product is absolutely delicious.

Watch HealthWise in Your Kitchen with Registered Dietitian, Katie Chapmon, MS RD


No matter how great our low carb high protein products taste (and they do!), patients crave variety in their diet. So we have never stopped creating new flavors for them to enjoy. Our line now includes over 200 nutritional products—a number that continues to grow. We believe that the process of creating a great product begins with quality ingredients. We take great care in sourcing our ingredients, making sure they meet the highest standards of nutrition and taste.

Nobody wants to eat the same meal, even their favorite meal, every day. Asking someone to do so would be unrealistic; asking someone struggling with their weight to do so would be unkind as well. At HealthWise, we understand the importance of variety (they don’t call it the “spice of life” for nothing) and how it can impact the success or failure of any diet plan.

At HealthWise, we believe that every patient struggling with their weight and metabolic issues, deserves the greatest chance for a successful outcome. To this end, we’ve created more than two hundred delicious, nutritionally-sound products, a number that’s constantly growing thanks to our unrivaled team of food scientists. We firmly believe that the process of creating a great product begins with quality ingredients. We take great care in sourcing our ingredients, making sure they meet the highest standards of nutrition and taste.

Weight loss success is as much a mental challenge as a physical one, and beginning the day with a delicious, high-protein breakfast can set the tone for the entire day. At HealthWise, we understand the importance of a good breakfast and offer a variety of options, including omelets, cereals, pancakes, and oatmeal.

HealthWise has your patients covered for the rest of the day, too. Some of our mouth-watering, beautiful-looking light entrees include bacon macaroni and cheese, a chicken alfredo pasta, cheesesteak pasta, garlic mashed potatoes, and vegan chicken curry. We also offer a wide selection of protein beverages, bars, and snacks to help fight off mid-afternoon cravings that can result in a detour through the nearest fast-food restaurant.


It’s not just our products, our programs also help your business succeed.

HealthWise wants you and your patients to succeed. Itʼs good for all of us. So we do more than make great nutritional products. We surround those products with support and service that will make your business thrive. Here are just a few examples.

  • Point of sale materials, posters and brochures
  • Program guides and complete training materials
  • Meal plans to meet the needs of your program including VLCD & LCD diet plans and maintenance plans
  • Clinic operational manuals to assist in the development of your program
  • Quality upscale packaging that reflects the quality of the products
  • Private label programs without contracts or specific dollar entry points
  • Bracket quantity discounts on most products
  • Split case packing without charge
  • Free shipping on all orders within the continental United States. For other deliveries contact us at 1-800-395-8931.


Part of our responsibility as providers of food products is to provide you with an understanding of the process involved in providing quality products for your patients. To adequately evaluate the nutritional configuration of a particular product by testing, samples of the product must be taken at various points during a production run. There will be minor variations in any manufacturing process. FDA standards permit an “acceptable +/- variation” and the goal is always to produce a product that conforms as closely as possible to the labeled nutritional facts.

Additionally there will be variability in laboratory testing methods. Each laboratory tests fats, protein and carbohydrates differently. For example, carbohydrate levels are a calculated result rather than actual test result at some laboratories. Additionally, certain raw materials including agricultural products like soy are provided in a range of values by processors to allow for seasonal differences and the seasonal variations are not required to be reflected on the nutritional panel. We have included complete tests of our products conducted by an independent laboratory for your review. If you have any questions, contact us at 1-800-395-8931 or email

Most practitioners focus on the protein content of the supplements they provide to their patients, so do we. What we claim on our packaging, we back up with testing.

Our number one responsibility is to your patients. We will continue to innovate and we will continue to introduce new high quality, great tasting product to meet the needs of medical professionals and help patients to overcome the problem of obesity. Our product is always made from the highest quality ingredients available and labeled with the highest degree of accuracy.


For practices that prefer their packaging to display their own logo, we offer distinctive, quality, private label packaging. Your patients will be reminded of your practice every time they open a box or bag. We can help you create your own program: name, logo, packaging and the products. We have earned a coveted reputation as the preferred private label manufacturer for several of the top medical weight loss, bariatric, and commercial weight loss programs in America. Let us help get your brand to market fast from product development to packaging to distribution.

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