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Why Rearrange Your Clinic Store Merchandise?

We have all experienced it. It can be frustrating. You end up taking more time to find the things you want, and your time is precious. Why can’t they just leave everything where it has always been?

If you think stores are rearranging to make it harder for you to find the things you normally buy; you are correct.

Merchandise does change over time. Products are introduced and discontinued. Seasonal items must be put on display. Even changes in packaging or stock levels can create a need to move merchandise to a new location in a store. We all understand these changes. However, when we walk into the store and the bread aisle is now filled with baby diapers and the milk is where the cold cuts used to reside there is something much more deliberate at play.

Stores rearrange because we humans are creatures of habit. When we go to the store for a product that we buy often, chances are we simply walk to the spot where we know we will find it and don’t take the time to really look around. Moving merchandise causes us to slow down and really look at the shelves. We will often notice products we have never seen before. They may not be new to the store, but they will be new to us because we do notice change.

Some studies have shown that the simple act of rearranging merchandise can increase the average amount spent by as much as 40%!

You should do the same thing with your own merchandise. It is easy to keep it like it has always been. It means less work for you and your employees; and it is easy to always order the same thing and justify it by telling yourself your customers change so the product doesn’t need to. (New products have also been shown to help in client retention by increasing interest.) Business owners tend to be creatures of habit as well.

Mix things up a bit and see how your clients respond. Take the time to move your inventory around. Take the products that don’t sell quickly off the bottom shelf and put them at eye level. (You may have to remind some of your employees that dusting is a thing.) Bring in new products so you have something new to share with every client. Get your office and your clients excited by sampling the product. While you are at it you can also build some excitement for some older products in the same way. Pick a product to highlight each week. Put it in a prominent position and discuss it with everyone.

While you are rearranging your merchandise, don’t forget to change other things up as well. Do you have flyers in your office? When was the last time you changed the pictures and colors you use on them? Change out the banner you have in front of the office so people will notice it. Make sure you use bright colors to draw attention. Chances are there are things that need to be changed but because you see them every day, you no longer notice them. Partnering with Healthwise means you’ll always have up-to-date POS materials, brochures, and more.   After you’ve completed the changeup, have someone that doesn’t normally come to your office give it a good critique. Let someone else give the fresh perspective you have been needing and be willing to listen to their suggestions.

Look at every part of your business to see what you can change to make things more interesting for your current and future clients. People hate change, but they notice it. Getting noticed is the first step in building your client base. Now; go change something.

Image by Pixabay