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Is Your Weight Loss Clinic Prepared for The Growing Demand for Nutritional Snacks?

Is your weight loss clinic prepared for the growing demand for nutritional snacks?  Well, if not, you may want to pay attention to this quick growing trend across all demographics: Seniors (55 over), Millennials (18-36), families (with children age 6-18) and adolescents (14-18).

According to research from Mintel, 94% of all US adults snack at least once per day and 50% snack two to three times per day.  And, does it surprise you to learn that there are more than 5 million people (that’s 6% of all US households) following a high-protein diet?  Well, these people/households will be looking for high-quality protein snack options, and lots of them!  We’re not just talking about protein bars here, there are an enormous amount of healthy snack options on the market these days and if you don’t provide a good variety of these products in your clinic store, someone else will!

According to Hexa Research, sales of healthy snacks in the US is to reach $5.3 billion by 2025, mostly due to the rising demand from younger market segments, like Millennials. The surge in the number of a variety of high-protein snacks on the market indicates that consumers are becoming quite savvy, educating themselves about different protein sources and being very selective about what they purchase.  How selective?  Many consumers are looking for nutritional, high-protein, low-fat snack options that will do more than just help them with their weight-loss goals. They know that they can find and purchase products with proteins like collagen, a fibrous molecule known to have certain anti-aging qualities and benefits to hair, skin, nails, heart, digestive system, bones/joints. When it comes to choosing food & beverage products, today’s savvy consumers across all demographics, want it all — nutrition, weight management, beauty, and longevity!

Those in the Millennial segment (18-36) who are about 80 million strong, with a buying power of $200 billion are the most lucrative market today. This group knows their proteins well and they make a lot of their purchasing decisions based on what they learn on-line.  This is the age group that was born into high-tech, and they are very skillful in searching/sourcing what they want.  If you want to turn a big profit in your clinic store, offer up a good variety of great tasting, high-protein snacks!  You won’t have to worry about finding new patients in this market segment, they will find YOU!

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