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Introducing Additional Food Options with Program Compliant Recipes Will Make Dieting Fun

Introducing additional food options with program compliant recipes is a great way to create excitement, reduce boredom and make dieting fun!  Let’s face it, dieting is not easy!  But, when you have a variety of meal choices and they are all delicious and nutritious, that’s a different story!!

Each recipe from our collection features at least one HealthWise product that serves as the recipe’s high protein, low carbohydrate, low-fat foundation. The additional ingredients build on no or low-calorie flavors, textures, and nutrients. The result is an easy and tasty meal, snack, dessert or beverage that your patients can try.  There are over 150 recipes included in our collection.  Some of our favorite picks are:  Stuffed Mushrooms (pg 9), Salsa Dip (pg 10), Zuchini Soup (pg 16), Mexican Chicken Salad (pg 23), Chicken Stir Fry (pg 34), Peanut Butter Cookies (pg 50) and Pina Colada Shake (pg 64). We hope your patients will enjoy these ways to incorporate favorite HealthWise products into their diet.  We also hope our delicious products and recipes will bring some joy into their lives during these uncertain times.

Look for the random food facts highlighted in orange throughout the collection, lots of interesting cooking facts you probably never knew.


To order HealthWise products for your medical weight loss program, contact us at 800-395-8931.  


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Lesley AsendorfIntroducing Additional Food Options with Program Compliant Recipes Will Make Dieting Fun