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High Quality Protein is Central to Your Weight Loss Patients’ Success

High Quality protein, carefully sourced, prepared, and portion controlled is central to your patients’ success. HealthWise nutritional high protein products provide your patients’ bodies with protein that is vital to preserve and maintain lean body tissue while they are going through active weight loss.

HealthWise high protein products perform another essential function: they help your patients’ bodies maintain a higher metabolic rate than they otherwise would during caloric restriction. This heightened metabolism burns more fat which helps your patients to lose weight while at the same time giving them more energy. The high-quality protein that HealthWise uses in our products is ideal for your patients/clients as it was sourced and found across the world in New Zealand. This protein is precisely what the body needs during active weight loss – protein without all the calories and fat that one might get from other protein sources like meat and dairy products. HealthWise protein products will help your patients feel fuller longer so the hunger pangs will subside and the high-calorie, high-fat snacks will no longer be so tempting.

Because our protein products are portion controlled, it makes it easier for you and your patients to know exactly how much protein their bodies are getting and to keep them on their systematic weight management program. HealthWise protein products provide as much protein as nearly 2 ounces of meat – 15 grams per serving –but with much less fat and cholesterol. HealthWise only uses an ideal amount of protein — everything has been structured and balanced by our Food Science Team, so you and your patients are relieved from the anxiety of reading countless labels in the grocery store. With our portion controlled products, you know your patients are getting exactly what they need to reach their weight loss goal.

Best of all, this ideal protein shows up in our HealthWise product line of over 200 delicious food options from meal replacements, breakfasts, beverages, bars, shakes, entrees, snacks, desserts and much more.

To learn all about HealthWise products and plans, contact us today at 1-800-395-8931 or visit For practices that prefer to display their own logo on packaging, HealthWise offers free private label services.

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Source: HealthWise – The Importance of Protein

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