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Private Label Meal Plans for Endocrinologist Offices

Many of the conditions Endocrinologists diagnose and treat, such as Type 2 Diabetes, can be mitigated or even prevented by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight and diet. According to the New England Journal of Medicine’s “Diabetes Prevention Plan Study,” regular exercise and eating fewer calories can help prevent Type 2 Diabetes in at-risk patients.

Diet alone plays a significant role in one’s risk of developing diabetes. The American Diabetes Association’s “Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes” recognizes that diets consisting of high-quality foods like whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables are linked to lower risk for type-2 diabetes.


People who are overweight according to the BMI (body mass index) are at least three times more likely to suffer from this debilitating and potentially life-threatening illness. In fact, studies show that 58% of all diabetes can be attributed to a body mass index of twenty-five or higher.


The American Association of Endocrinologists stresses the importance of attention to metabolic issues and nutrition when treating obesity. When treating type-2 diabetes, medication and lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, are often the soundest medical approach.

Obese and overweight patients who lose a significant amount of weight may be able to experience the following benefits:

A decrease in the amount of medication they take
Improved insulin sensitivity
Improved glucose control
Improvement in overall quality of life

Owing to the link between obesity and an increased risk of diabetes, many Endocrinologists use HealthWise, NRI for nutritional foods in their medically supervised weight loss programs customized for patients with diabetes.


To stave off or mitigate the effects of type-2 diabetes (and many other endocrinal conditions), overweight patients must lose body fat. Losing weight can be a tricky proposition under the best of circumstances; it can be much more difficult for folks already dealing with the stress of a troubling diagnosis.

The more work it takes to adhere strictly to meal plans approved by endocrinologists, the less likely they are to be followed. Giving a patient a diet plan is like giving them a roadmap toward success: how far down that road will anyone get before pulling off at a McDonald’s?

By offering your patients meal plans of delicious prepackaged foods, you’re giving them not just a roadmap but a chauffeured ride toward their weight-loss goals.


When you trust HealthWise with your private-label dietary products, you can rest easy knowing you are supplying your patients with food plans engineered with their best possible outcomes as the top priority.

HealthWise provides delicious, enticing foods made from only the highest quality proteins. Here are a few more reasons to consider choosing HealthWise for your office’s private-label weight-loss products:


HealthWise understands that a dietary plan lacking diversity is likely to be abandoned. Nobody, especially someone already struggling with overeating, wants to limit their menu to two or three entrees, no matter how delicious.

With the importance of variety in mind, HealthWise offers more than two hundred nutritional products and is continuously developing mouth-watering new nutritional products for doctors of endocrinology to provide their patients.


Weight management meal plans are a great way to help your patients lose weight, but meal plans will only work if they are tasty and satisfying. To get well, patients struggling with obesity must drastically reduce their caloric intake; they’ll have greater success rates if the food they are allowed is not just good but delicious.

The Food Artists at HealthWise believe your patients deserve the best chance possible at weight-loss success and take great pride in the taste and presentation of their high-quality nutritional foods.


At HealthWise, we value our provider relationships and will work with your office or clinic as it implements its new private-label meal plan service. When you trust HealthWise as your private-label meal plan supplier, we’ll guide you through every step of the process, from training your employees to developing your personalized packaging.

Supplying you with high-quality private-label dietary products is only part of our goal at HealthWise; we also care about improving your practice’s bottom line. We offer free shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States, and we offer no-contract private labeling programs. This way, if you’re a smaller practice, you can still provide your patients with top-quality meal plans at HealthWise‘s reasonable prices.


Saving lives by providing the highest quality and best tasting nutritional products isn’t just our mission at HealthWise; it is our privilege.

When you partner with HealthWise to provide your private-label diabetic meal plans, you’re doing more than providing your patients with the tools they need to succeed; you’re also promoting your practice and helping to secure its bottom line.

HealthWise has been a leader in the private-label meal plan industry for over twenty-five years. If you’re an Endocrinologist looking to give your patients every chance to achieve their best possible outcome, why not find out how HealthWise meal plans can give your patients the edge.

Call HealthWise today at 1-800-395-8931, or visit us online anytime at HealthWiseNRI to learn more about our many products and services.