Is Your Weight Loss Clinic Prepared for The Growing Demand for Nutritional Snacks?

Is your weight loss clinic prepared for the growing demand for nutritional snacks?  Well, if not, you may want to pay attention to this quick growing trend across all demographics: Seniors (55 over), Millennials (18-36), families (with children age 6-18) and adolescents (14-18).

According to research from Mintel, 94% of all US adults snack at least once per day and 50% snack two to three times per day.  And, does it surprise you to learn that there are more than 5 million people (that’s 6% of all US households) following a high-protein diet?  Well, these people/households will be looking for high-quality protein snack options, and lots of them!  We’re not just talking about protein bars here, there are an enormous amount of healthy snack options on the market these days and if you don’t provide a good variety of these products in your clinic store, someone else will!

According to Hexa Research, sales of healthy snacks in the US is to reach $5.3 billion by 2025, mostly due to the rising demand from younger market segments, like Millennials. The surge in the number of a variety of high-protein snacks on the market indicates that consumers are becoming quite savvy, educating themselves about different protein sources and being very selective about what they purchase.  How selective?  Many consumers are looking for nutritional, high-protein, low-fat snack options that will do more than just help them with their weight-loss goals. They know that they can find and purchase products with proteins like collagen, a fibrous molecule known to have certain anti-aging qualities and benefits to hair, skin, nails, heart, digestive system, bones/joints. When it comes to choosing food & beverage products, today’s savvy consumers across all demographics, want it all — nutrition, weight management, beauty, and longevity!

Those in the Millennial segment (18-36) who are about 80 million strong, with a buying power of $200 billion are the most lucrative market today. This group knows their proteins well and they make a lot of their purchasing decisions based on what they learn on-line.  This is the age group that was born into high-tech, and they are very skillful in searching/sourcing what they want.  If you want to turn a big profit in your clinic store, offer up a good variety of great tasting, high-protein snacks!  You won’t have to worry about finding new patients in this market segment, they will find YOU!

Are you a clinic owner, interested in learning more about HealthWise nutritional snack options? Just fill out the, Become a Provider form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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Lesley AsendorfIs Your Weight Loss Clinic Prepared for The Growing Demand for Nutritional Snacks?

A Weight Loss Lesson From The World Of Golf

I don’t know about you but I find wisdom in the strangest places sometimes. A case in point presented itself to me while sitting in my doctor’s office waiting for an appointment recently. In an effort to pass the time, I found myself leafing through a magazine when a quote from an article caught my eye. After giving it a closer look, it dawned on me that this particular quote offered some keen insight for all of you who struggle with healthy living and weight loss. What was really fascinating about this article was that it was about golf and had absolutely nothing to do with dieting and weight loss. Nonetheless, it provided me with further evidence of something that I firmly believe – successful weight management is significantly more about what you think than what you do. With that said and since the 2019 Masters Tournament is underway at Augusta National Golf Club, let me offer you some low calorie food for thought today with a healthy dose of golf wisdom.

The article was about the mental part of golf and the quote that caught my attention was attributed to world famous golf coach Butch Harmon. It was his explanation regarding the basic difference between teaching and coaching that really grabbed my attention and made me think about all of those well-intentioned people who struggle with weight loss. First, let me share with you the quote that started me thinking about all of this. It concerned Mr. Harmon’s thoughts regarding the key difference between teaching and coaching when it comes to improving one’s golf game. All of you golfers out there should take notice. According to Harmon, “Teaching is creating a mechanical motion, within the framework of who they are and what their body can do,” whereas, “Coaching is getting through their head”.

As I read those words, I was immediately reminded of the slogan for the emotional eating program that I developed called The Inner Diet. The Inner Diet slogan goes as follows: You can’t change your weight until you change your mind! Mr. Harmon’s comments, regarding the difference between teaching and coaching, and The Inner Diet motto both allude to the following basic and undeniable fact that is best summed up in this famous old proverb: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. In other words, you can provide all of the pertinent information in the world to someone regarding change but until that intangible switch is thrown inside their head, all is often for naught. If you’re a professional who works in the health, weight loss or wellness world or just an individual trying to live a healthier life, you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

Creating change, even though it absolutely requires learning some basic technical and strategic information, is primarily a cognitive event that takes place inside the individual’s mind. According to Mr. Harman’s quote you might say that teaching is knowledge and skill oriented whereas coaching is motivational and commitment oriented. I bet all of you golfers out there are nodding your heads in frustrated agreement.

In applying this notion to the health and weight loss arena, the obvious conclusion is this. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must do more than simply acquire new knowledge regarding health, weight loss and nutrition. You must also change the way you think about food, eating and the significant role that you play in determining the actual outcome! After all, there is no doubt that what you do is a direct result of what you think because it’s your thoughts that direct your behavior. The key to taking new learning and turning it into new behavior, be it in golf or weight loss, lies in that intangible something that happens inside one’s head. Mr. Harmon has proven to be quite adept at making that happen with the professional golfers he has worked with over the years. A great professional golf coach will teach you much more than simple mechanics. They will also help you learn how to change the way you think about and approach the game.

I used to teach Educational Psychology and Learning Theory to college students years ago so I know a bit about learning and the best way to usher it in. In learning theory, one of the primary goals of teaching is something called Transfer. Transfer simply means taking the intellectual information that you have learned and then applying it in the real world. This is where the golf club truly meets the ball and it is also the flashpoint where many dieters run into trouble. That is, some people are very good at acquiring all of the technical information they need to know about nutrition and weight loss but fall short when it comes to transferring and applying that knowledge in their everyday life. Just like the golfer who is magnificent on the practice tee but then absolutely folds when the competition begins.

So, if you want to feel incredible power, a strong sense of personal satisfaction and give yourself all of the mental, emotional and physical health benefits that accompany weight loss, you must be both a great teacher and a great coach. As Mr. Harmon said above, coaching is getting through their head. Those who succeed at weight loss are those who are successful at actually changing the way they think about food, their body and their health.

For example, I have found that perpetual dieters are often great teachers. They do an incredible job of researching the data and teaching themselves everything there is to know about nutrition and, as a result, are an impressive fountain of information regarding the cold hard facts of weight loss. However, all of this information is of very little value if the technical and fact finding teacher can’t get through to the motivational and make-it-happen coach inside their head. I see this happen all the time and, as a result, what you too frequently end up with is someone who is a virtual encyclopedia of facts regarding nutrition and weight loss but always seems to fall short when it comes to applying that information to their daily life.
In summary, it takes much more than knowledge from the teacher to win the war on weight. It also takes motivation, dedication and a never give up attitude from the coach inside. Because, when all is said and done, I agree with Mr. Harman’s premise. It’s the coach inside you that really makes things happen. Even though I don’t claim to be bringing you any ground breaking, Nobel Prize winning information today, I do think that reminding one of the obvious is a good idea every now and again. So if lifestyle change is a goal you seek, Mr. Harmon and I have a golfing tip for you today. We suggest you have a real heart-toheart talk with your inner coach. Why? Because, in both golf and weight loss, you will never become who you want to be by remaining who you are!

Dr. John H. Sklare

Powerserve SupportA Weight Loss Lesson From The World Of Golf

Protein Intake is Most Important at Breakfast during Weight Loss

Equally distributing protein intake over three meals during the day is as important as getting enough protein overall! Breakfast can be the most neglected meal when it comes to protein and weight loss. And sorry, but while it’s yummy…and convenient, coffee and a bagel for breakfast while on the run just doesn’t provide the protein needed to maintain proper muscle health and satiety between meals.

What we know from studies is that increased dietary protein at breakfast tends to lead to a sustained feeling of fullness during a low-calorie diet compared to other meal times. Consuming a high protein breakfast helps in improving adherence to physician’s recommended protein intake and keeps the dieter on track with their weight loss plan.

The old mantra, sung by our mothers about breakfast being the most important meal of the day takes on even more meaning now that there is scientific support that skipping breakfast is associated with unhealthy outcomes like weight gain and obesity. A breakfast high in quality protein, keeps a dieter feeling full and content between meals.

In a 2009 study with randomized controlled feeding trials, participants’ fullness, hunger, and desire to eat were assessed at multiple times of the day for several days. To make a long story short, the conclusion from the trials was that the differential responses following increased protein intake at breakfast compared to other meal times suggested that the satiating property of dietary protein is influenced by the timing of protein consumption. ²

Maintaining a high-quality intake of protein throughout life is important for everyone but even more so for those over the age of 65 who would really benefit by eating a healthy breakfast with at least 30g of protein.

Planning for a higher protein breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult. Dietitians and weight counselors can help with meal planning and manufacturers of high-quality protein products like HealthWise have developed & produce hundreds of quality protein supplements that can plug into most commercial diet plans. Examples of some high protein breakfast items include omelets, cereals, pancakes, oatmeal, protein bars, smoothies, protein shakes and more. Just because one is on a calorie restrictive diet does not mean they need to lose out on tasty, nutritious, breakfasts and other satisfying meal options.

View our other blog article on high-quality protein


  2. British Journal of Nutrition (2009), 101, 798-803 doi:10.1017/S0007114508051532 , Increased dietary protein consumed at breakfast leads to an initial and sustained feeling of fullness during energy restriction compared to other meal

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Powerserve SupportProtein Intake is Most Important at Breakfast during Weight Loss

It’s Spring! And Change Is In The Air

How about a little word association experiment? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about springtime? If you’re like me, just hearing that word lifts your spirit and brings a big smile to your face. I ask this question because, as you most likely know, Wednesday March 20th marks the first official day of spring for 2019. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved this time of year as it marks the end of winter and signals the promise of summer. As I write this today, for example, Mother Nature is on full display bringing with her all the splendor and wonder that springtime delivers. The trees, gardens and countryside are literally transforming before our eyes as they slowly begin to awaken from their deep winter’s nap and produce new life exploding with brilliant color. This annual spectacle of vibrant rejuvenation stimulates your senses, signifies new beginnings and creates a silent yet powerful kind of compelling optimism. In other words, it’s a time of wondrous renewal and magnificent change. At least that’s how I see it in my imaginative little mind!

Not only is the spring a time of literal change regarding the weather and landscape but, in my opinion, it also symbolizes a revived spirit, renewed hope and a positive, new energy. With all of that in mind, my request today is simply to ask you to take a moment out of your busy day and consider the following. In the spirit of change, healthy living and better health, I ask you to allow the wonder and transformational power of Mother Nature to inspire you to live a healthier life. Let the arrival of this year’s spring motivate you to sprout new healthy thoughts, discover untapped will power and improve the shape and condition of your body.

Regardless of how old you are, this can still be the springtime of your life. All you have to do is to plant the seeds of change this spring, in your mind, that will reap you greater health benefits in the future. So, since spring is just around the corner, I have a suggestion for those of you who want to lose weight

or just want to improve your overall health this year. In an attempt to encourage and ignite your motivation, I offer you one of springtime’s most common and magical annual events as fuel for your motivational fire.

This example happens to revolve around a springtime event that my wife and I look forward to and deeply enjoy every year. We have a bluebird box in our back yard that becomes a very busy place and the focus or our attention every spring. Each year, at this time, the bluebirds begin their yearly ritual of building their first nest in that box. It’s an incredible sight to behold as the male and female each participate in building that life sustaining structure piece by piece until it is completed. It’s an amazing aerial dance they engage in as they work closely together, in one coordinated effort, to create one of Nature’s most impressive works of art. I can’t even tell you how many baby bluebirds we have watched hatch, grow and fledge from that box over the years. As I watch them build their nest, I am always impressed by their goal oriented behavior, steadfast focus and unwavering determination. So how does nest building relate to weight loss and healthy living? Allow me to explain.

There is an important lesson to be learned here for those of you who want to start living a healthier life. If you truly want to lose weight or just want to become a healthier person, you must also exhibit goal oriented behavior, steadfast focus and unwavering determination just as my dear feathered friends do. If you ultimately want to succeed with weight management and healthy lifestyle change, you must build your future as those birds build their nest. Both projects take a mindful, determined and unrelenting effort. Those bluebirds don’t worry about occasional setbacks, distractions around them or how long it will take them. They just relentlessly perform the tasks necessary to build that nest and reach their goal.

The key is that they instinctively know what building materials to select and they will only bring materials to the bird box that will fortify and enhance the structure of their nest. They don’t waste their time and energy even considering resources that don’t add strength and value to their creation. In a similar way, the food you eat and the behaviors that you engage in determine the strength and structure of your body and health. What an interesting analogy. The bluebirds bring twigs and grass to their dwelling as you bring food and activity to your body. The kind of nest that those birds build is a direct result of the quality of building materials that they select. Likewise, this same concept holds true for you. The shape and condition of your body is also the direct result of the quality of materials that you choose as well. Just imagine how healthy you would be today if you were as focused and selective as those birds are. And there lies Mother Nature’s springtime health message.

The healthy life you dream about is right there for the taking if you create an environment around you that is focused on wellness and you plant the right seeds of change in your mind. This spring is definitely a good time for planting those mental seeds and laying the foundation for that change! If you put your mind to it, amazing things can happen this spring. Just as those baby bluebirds in my back yard will eventually sprout new wings and start a new life, so can you. So let the transformational power of springtime and the loving hand of Mother Nature provide the inspiration that you need to turn over a new and healthier leaf this spring. Because change is definitely in the air and I suggest that you become a part of it!

Wishing You Great Health,
Dr. John H. Sklare

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Steps to Weight Management Practice Success

Creating a vision

What is your goal?  What problem in the world are you trying to solve?  Is it the obesity crisis? Is it just teaching patients/clients about nutrition and living a better lifestyle?  Once you know what it is you are trying to do, you can really start to envision all that you will need to prepare for your business operation; the services, tools and the resources.  As you identify the vision of your business, your first step is to create a vision statement that envisions the overall goals. Next step is to create a mission statement that best describes the purpose of your practice and lastly, create a value statement that conveys the characteristics and qualities that you want to be identified with.

Identifying what you are best at doing

  • What are you passionate about?
    Why did you get into the weight loss industry?  Have you been an empathetic person your whole life? Have you been active in fitness for many years?  Has obesity affected you or someone you care about? Do you like to train or teach?  To be successful in weight management, you need to be passionate about a healthy lifestyle.  Can you help people if you are unhealthy, overweight, stopping at fast food stores before, during and after work hours?  Not a chance.  You and your staff need to practice what you preach, or you will not be successful at gaining the trust and confidence from those seeking weight loss help.
  • What will you be best at doing day to day?
    No matter what your passion, you will need to figure out what you are best at doing day to day. If you are not the best at problem solving, influencing others, getting patients/clients to follow your instructions and commit to a healthier lifestyle then there is really no way to run a successful practice.  Adherence is a major factor in a weight management program, so you must be able to influence a patient/client or they will not adhere to your program or make their weight loss goals.  If you or your staff do not have an influential personality, hire others who do.
  • How will your practice be best at generating revenue?
    Passion means nothing if you do not have the financial ability to turn a profit.  Do you have some experience in business and/or clinic operations?  You will need to be well versed in budgeting, operating expenses, revenue for-casting and expected volume.  Having a well-run clinic requires a combination of connecting parts, the clinical part where the physician and nutrition/behavioral counselors come into play and the retail part where patients/clients can purchase their supplements and meal plans.  Most effective programs run for at least 4 weeks and must be competitively priced but not cheap.  The typical patient will be coming in for the initial evaluation, weekly weigh-ins, nutrition counseling, and supplements and that requires some serious spending.  Just offering the weight loss part of the business without the retail is not enough to run a successful, lucrative practice.  What makes a practice successful and lucrative?  Patient or client success.  And that requires having a hub of qualified professionals, effective programs and a variety of retail products.
  • How will you establish a budget for time and money involved in the day to day operation?
    You’ll need to decide when you will be in service, what tasks need to be completed and who on your staff is going to do what in the practice. What is the budget for getting into the market?  Someone wise once mentioned that a budget is like fuel gauge, it will determine how fast and far you can go.  Basically the steps to establishing a business budget will go something like this: Research costs, project revenues, figure out gross profit margins, create a 12-month cash flow projection, adjust for unreliable payers, adjust for seasonality, adjust for economic and industry trends, decide how to spend, discuss costs with suppliers, discuss expenditures with appointed people, prioritize investment, create contingency plan, plan budget reviews and insure your practice.

Creating a marketing plan

Your practice must have a well-designed marketing plan. Your marketing plan lets your target market know who you are, what services your practice offers and how you can help them.

  • Referrals are the most important marketing tool in weight management. Patients who were successful in your program, tell others about the exceptional experience they had at your practice.  Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising.
  • Put together some health, wellness, weight loss webinars and presentations and present at schools, civic groups, corporations and other organizations.
  • If you are not great at presentations, consider hiring a speech coach. You need to get comfortable speaking in front of large groups.
  • Get good at social media and email marketing real fast. There are no better platforms to advertise your business than social media and email marketing platforms.  And, this is not something you can tinker with on occasion.  You must stay committed in posting content several times a day on various social media platforms and at least 2-3 times per week for email marketing.  If you aren’t willing to put in the time or effort needed, then hire someone who can do it for you.  It’s really that important in this millennial dominated market.
  • If you don’t have a high-quality website, it is very important that you put a lot of emphasis in developing a top quality, interactive and mobile friendly website. Look for a top-rated web designer/developer and don’t try to do this yourself or cut corners by trying to find the cheapest developer you can find on line. A website that is well designed and developed with search engine optimization will help your practice to attract and keep your audience engaged. It will also serve as your information hub that helps explain your vision, commitment and values as well as explain your programs, services and products.

So, there you have it.  A good, sound vision, passion for what you do best and a well thought out marketing plan are the action steps necessary for your practice success.

To learn more about running a successful weight management practice, access our resource partner, Karol Clark, Weight Loss Practice Builder.  Find out more about our products, plans and clinic operations support by calling 1-800-395-8931.

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m3adminSteps to Weight Management Practice Success

Millennials, Post Pregnancy Weight Loss and Technology

The context of social intelligence and technology has become expected by Millennials in every aspect of life so why wouldn’t they expect that when they walk into a weight management center, that they would be inundated with weight management mobile apps, websites, on-line tracking and virtual coaching? The simple, truth is that they should expect it and weight management professionals need to recognize that fact and align themselves with the millennial weight loss journey by taking steps, even if uncomfortable into the world of digital health care. There are currently 80 million Millennials in the U.S. – nearly one-fourth of the total population. And, with an annual buying power of $200 billion, they are the most lucrative market.

There is no time when a woman feels more empowering then right before, during and after her pregnancy. This is the time to win the millennial moms over by stepping up your technology offering. Millennials like simple, visual, and all things they can easily follow and control from their devices.

You can reach and attract more millennial moms seeking help in shedding post pregnancy weight gain and keep them as loyal clients by following these steps:

  • Find out where these young maternal aged millennials are on-line by finding out what types of key terms they are using or searching for in social media, which hashtags they use and the kind of content they follow on blogs. Then meet them where they are.
  • Consider offering resources on your website that include: guides and tips on post-pregnancy nutrition and weight loss, as well as podcasts, short videos, e-booklets, webinars and shopping lists. Think you can’t pull it all together, hire an agency or better yet, add a millennial to your staff who can keep up with the best of ‘em.
  • Consider testimonial pictures or videos of post pregnancy clients who have successfully lost weight on your program. There is no better marketer than happy clients and no better platforms to spread the word than social media platforms.
  • Consider asking millennial clients to film their own video diary on their weight loss journey from giving birth and beyond then share it on your website and social media.
  • Consider partnering/co-promoting with other local businesses that millennial new moms may fancy like anything beauty/pampering related (spas), children’s book stores, children’s clothing stores, and mothers’ day out programs. Referrals are a fantastic way to generate new business.
  • Consider adding a Q&A page on your website just for new moms. They have so many questions, especially first-time moms who are nervous about everything related to nutrition for baby and themselves especially while breast feeding. Nine out of ten moms will have questions about how to lose the weight quickly and get back into shape.
  • Consider incorporating a medical technology platform. These new technology companies are popping up all over. Many can easily set up your clinic/center in a matter of a few hours or days with fully integrated medical technology features like food diaries, appointment setters/reminders, step tracking, progress tracking, exercise logging, meal planning, video conferencing and more.

To get you started in your target market research, below are some hashtags and blogs that new moms are searching and following on Instagram and other related platforms:

  • #newmom
  • #momlife
  • com/ellabrooksblog
  • com/wellnessmama
  • com/weelicious

Many millennials who are new moms join on-line groups via Facebook where they regularly meet, ask questions and offer insight to others. Join and learn what your target audience is all about. Offer insightful information, win them over on your knowledge of weight management and recommend your own program.

Once you have learned more about what millennial moms want who are trying to shed post pregnancy weight, you can implement the program features that will target them better and increase business for your clinic or weight loss center.

Find out more about marketing to millennials by reading, How to Attract Millennials to Your Weightloss or Fitness Program.

m3adminMillennials, Post Pregnancy Weight Loss and Technology

Angel Wings And Weight Loss

By Dr. John H. Sklare

As hard as it is to believe, the annual Christmas Holiday Season is already upon us.  I know this by the arrival of all of those catalogs in the mail, the onslaught of gift promoting TV commercials and the appearance of holiday decorations popping up all around town.  It’s a time of great celebration and excitement as our lives are temporarily turned upside down by the hustle and bustle of this festive occasion.  Not to mention the fact that our senses are often overwhelmed by the temptation of all those home baked seasonal goodies that can break the will of even the most steadfast weight loss warriors among us.  Yes, for the dieter, this season can be a real challenge to say the least.  So, I have an idea to share with you today that is directed at those of you who are attempting to walk a healthy line this holiday season while surrounded by all that mouthwatering temptation.  But let me begin by telling you what triggered this holiday inspired idea.

I was having a conversation with a woman who was struggling with weight loss one day when the topic of angels came up.  The topic arose when she jokingly commented that she needed to have her guardian angel nearby at all times because she was constantly tempted to eat those off program foods that were no longer on her wellness menu.  My interpretation of her angelic reference was that she was using the concept of having a guardian angel to help her deal with the angst and high degree of emotional intensity that weight loss and dieting bring to the surface.  She went on to tell me that she loved angels and truly believed that they were a constant influence in her life as well as in the lives of others.  I nodded my head in silent agreement because I know that the belief in angels is very reassuring to a great many people as they are powerful symbols that influence and guide the lives of many believers.  Our discussion, however, started me thinking.

So, I asked myself, how could I harness this concept in a positive, life changing way that could ease the emotional pain involved in weight loss and help people stay on track with healthy lifestyle change.  As I thought about it, I was reminded of that classic old movie that is featured every Christmas season starring Jimmy Stewart, as George Bailey, titled – It’s A Wonderful Life.  I’ve watched that movie countless times over the years and I never get tired of seeing it and feeling the power in the message that it delivers.  I’m sure that most of you are familiar with it as well.  If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure that you’ll get numerous opportunities in the next few weeks as it’s a regular offering every year at this time.  Anyway, I was particularly thinking about the end of the movie where everyone is gathered together singing and celebrating when suddenly you hear the sound of a bell ringing on the Christmas tree.  As you may recall, this is where George Bailey’s daughter says “Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.”  George Bailey grins and tells his daughter “You’re right”.  He knows she’s right because, as you may recall, his guardian angel Clarence told him the exact same thing.  To this day, every time I hear a bell ring, I imagine an angel getting its wings.  So now let me bring this back to dieting, weight loss and staying the course over the holiday season.

Most people who engage in weight loss and lifestyle change are always in search for some powerful inspiration that will help them stand firm when the going gets tough.  They both want and need an effective way to keep themselves committed to actively pursuing their weight loss goal by mindfully infusing themselves with goal-oriented thinking.  After all, motivation is the fuel that drives and sustains commitment.  In my opinion, you can totally take the sting out of weight loss if you can find some kind of inspiration that will finally allow you to honestly and enthusiastically embrace healthy living.  With that in mind, I would like to offer you an idea that I hope will inspire you to make healthier choices during the holiday and thereby make it easier for you to reach your weight loss goal.  So, whether you believe in the power of angels or not, here’s what I suggest you consider.

Every time you make a healthy choice, imagine that an angel gets its wings just like in that great holiday movie.  Every time you make a decision that moves you toward your goal, an angel gets its wings!  Every time you have a positive thought about yourself, an angel gets its wings!  Every time you choose to exercise, an angel gets its wings!  Every time you eat something healthy, an angel gets its wings!  Every time you resist a holiday goodie, an angel gets its wings!  Get the idea?  By the way, nothing bad happens if you make an unhealthy choice.  It’s just that the next wingless angel standing in line has to wait a little longer to take flight.

Now, if you want to take this one step further, I have another suggestion.  In counseling and psychotherapy there is a term that refers to making something more real or concrete in your life.  It’s called grounding.  So, I’m going to suggest a grounding activity here that will add a physical dimension to this imaginary activity.  Find yourself a little bell or something that jingles a bit and carry it with you in your purse or pocket.  Then, every time you make a healthy choice, give it a little jingle.  Who knows, you may even here the fluttering of wings at the same time.

I’m hoping that the power of this image will give you the focus and motivation that you need to make healthy choices throughout this holiday season and beyond.  The key is to not look too far down the road and to just focus on each decision as it unfolds before you and then choose wisely in that moment.  Because, when all is said and done, it really all comes down to this.  There is one incredible moment when the decision to eat is made and, if you can manage that moment, you can win this weight loss battle.  So, what do you say?  Are you interested in trying this whimsical weight loss strategy?  I hope so because the line is forming and the angels await their wings.

Wishing You Great Health,
Dr. John H. Sklare
The Inner Diet

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Why Rearrange Your Clinic Store Merchandise?

We have all experienced it. It can be frustrating. You end up taking more time to find the things you want, and your time is precious. Why can’t they just leave everything where it has always been?

If you think stores are rearranging to make it harder for you to find the things you normally buy; you are correct.

Merchandise does change over time. Products are introduced and discontinued. Seasonal items must be put on display. Even changes in packaging or stock levels can create a need to move merchandise to a new location in a store. We all understand these changes. However, when we walk into the store and the bread aisle is now filled with baby diapers and the milk is where the cold cuts used to reside there is something much more deliberate at play.

Stores rearrange because we humans are creatures of habit. When we go to the store for a product that we buy often, chances are we simply walk to the spot where we know we will find it and don’t take the time to really look around. Moving merchandise causes us to slow down and really look at the shelves. We will often notice products we have never seen before. They may not be new to the store, but they will be new to us because we do notice change.

Some studies have shown that the simple act of rearranging merchandise can increase the average amount spent by as much as 40%!

You should do the same thing with your own merchandise. It is easy to keep it like it has always been. It means less work for you and your employees. It is easy to always order the same thing and justify it by telling yourself your customers change so the product doesn’t need to. (New products have also been shown to help in client retention by increasing interest.) Business owners tend to be creatures of habit as well.

Mix things up a bit and see how your clients respond. Take the time to move your inventory around. Take the products that don’t sell quickly off the bottom shelf and put them at eye level. (You may have to remind some of your employees that dusting is a thing.) Bring in new products so you have something new to share with every client. Get your office and your clients excited by sampling the product. While you are at it you can also build some excitement for some older products in the same way. Pick a product to highlight each week. Put it in a prominent position and discuss it with everyone.

While you are rearranging your merchandise, don’t forget to change other things up as well. Do you have flyers in your office? When was the last time you changed the pictures and colors you use on them? Change out the banner you have in front of the office so people will notice it. Make sure you use bright colors to draw attention. Chances are there are things that need to be changed but because you see them every day, you no longer notice them. Have someone that doesn’t normally come to your office give it a good critique. Let someone else give the fresh perspective you have been needing and be willing to listen to their suggestions.

Look at every part of your business to see what you can change to make things more interesting for your current and future clients. People hate change, but they notice it. Getting noticed is the first step in building your client base. Now; go change something.

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Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide for Weight Loss Clients

Holidays are stressful enough but for certain people who are struggling to stay on their diets during the holidays, festive family gatherings and bountiful feasts create so much stress and anxiety for them, they just can’t enjoy this wonderful time of year. You, as a weight loss provider and coach, can help clients survive the Thanksgiving Day holiday by providing appropriate guidance and sharing these tips from our Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide.

  • Stay the Course!  Remain dedicated to your weight loss program throughout the holidays. Never miss an appointment and visit with your counselor! The holidays are when support is typically needed the most.
  • If your idea is to not follow your weight loss plan on Thanksgiving Day, it is very important to follow it right up until the holiday and start again the day after (even if you are a Black Friday shopper!)
  • Make an eating plan for your Thanksgiving Day meal. Write your plan down before the holiday and keep it handy in case you need to refer to it for reinforcement.
  • If preparing foods and/or baking, chew gum to help avoid “taste testing” and sneaking in those extra calories.
  • Journal this day like you would any other day. This self-accountability will help you stay true to your goal and weight loss journey.
  • Wear snug-fitting clothes (not tight) to avoid over eating.
  • Think your drink. Be sure to choose drinks that are low in calories and remember alcohol tends to stimulate appetite and adds unnecessary calories!  Try to avoid alcohol.
  • Do not skip any meals the day of Thanksgiving.  Skipping meals tends to lead to over eating. Plan to have your breakfast and any snacks you typically have prior to the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Be sure to socialize away from the food table before/after the meal. This will help you manage your food intake.
  • Use a smaller plate to help reduce portion sizes and control calories.
  • Exercise during the day! Exercise and movement helps to burn calories.
  • Mindfully eat. Stay tuned in to your satiety and stop eating if you feel satisfied.
  • Avoid or cut back on the higher calorie, not- so-healthy options at the meal such as gravy, stuffing, turkey skin, and high calorie desserts.

Following these simple diet tips can relieve your clients’ anxiety during the holiday and make them true Thanksgiving Day survivors!

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m3adminThanksgiving Day Survival Guide for Weight Loss Clients

Improve Weight Loss Results with Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids are indeed essential – one’s body uses these compounds in a number of vital processes.  EFA deficiency can cause serious health problems.  Because one’s cells need Essential Fatty Acids to perform basic biochemical tasks, it’s not surprising that a deficiency in EFAs can cause serious issues. EFA deficiency has been associated with dry scaly skin, course and sparse hair, rheumatoid disorders, cardiovascular disease and even brain dysfunction.

On the other hand, when one’s body has the right amount of EFAs and when the various compounds are in the right proportion, cells function properly.  In addition, they burn calories at a higher rate, which improves weight loss results.

The human body cannot produce EFAs, so it is necessary to include them in one’s diet.  This is even more important for weight loss patients, who run a greater risk of deficiency.

There are two main types of EFAs, known as the Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.  Studies show that dieters are often deficient in both types.  HealthWise Nutritionists created a formula that includes both the Omega 3 and Omega 6 in proportions that many studies have shown to be most bio-identical.

EFAs have been shown to increase Thermogenesis.  Scientists call burning calories, Thermogenesis. This means one’s cells burn calories to provide energy to perform their function.  In addition, they increase the ability of one’s liver to burn fats.  Also, one study showed that GLA (a component of the HealthWise brand, Nature’s EFA) helped with weight loss and lowered blood pressure in overweight patients. Even if one is not in a weight loss program, they will benefit from EFAs as they are an essential part of any diet.

By taking EFA’s like Nature’s EFA, one will avoid the health problems that come with deficiency and get the added benefit from having the right amount of essential fatty acids including better insulin function, improved skin tone and increased stamina.

Learn more about EFAs and the HealthWise brand, Nature’s Essential Fatty Acid by downloading the brochure now.

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