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Bloom Where You’re Planted by Dr. John H. Sklare

As many of you have been doing, I was watching the news on television regarding the current coronavirus situation to see where things stood at the moment.  There is no doubt this event has significantly changed our lives and, as a result, these are trying times indeed.  That which makes us human and healthy (to have human contact and maintain personal relationships) we are asked to avoid.  In this time of personal isolation and the abandonment of our comforting routine life, we must all learn to cope and keep our spirits up.

Anyway, the news story I was watching was reiterating and reinforcing the call for social distancing and sheltering in place.  It included interviews with people who were finding ways to make the best out of this very unnatural and isolating life interrupting event.  As I listened to people report on how they were making the best out of a bad situation, one of my favorite phrases came to mind and it resonated with me in a much deeper way on this occasion.  I find it incredibly motivational, not to mention timely, so it made me think about all of you sequestered at home and whether you would be moved and inspired by it as well.  So, in hopes that it will spark a positive fire within you, let me share that phrase with you.  It goes as follows…Bloom where you’re planted!

I find this phrase the perfect motivational mantra for this occasion because, in the spirit of personal health and wellness, we all need to use this time in a positive way.  As is true for everyone, life doesn’t always turn out as we plan.  And I think it’s safe to say that none of us planned on having our lives interrupted in such a monumental and significant way.  And this interruption runs the gamut from, on one end, the unthinkable loss of life to, on the other end, the minor inconvenience of being stuck at home.  So to all of you dealing with the fallout from this coronavirus tsunami, I suggest that life is what you make it and offer you this simple yet powerful advice and mantra.  Whatever situation you presently find yourself in, regardless of how it has impacted you, bloom where you’re planted!  Make the best of where you are right now until this all passes because, regardless of what chaos this situation has created in your life, time is precious and how you spend that time matters.

Wishing You Great Health,

Dr. John H. Sklare
The Inner Diet – “You Can’t Change Your Weight, Until You Change Your Mind.”