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Private Label Bariatric Meal Plans

Obesity is a significant health concern in the United States today. An unhealthy diet and too much excess weight put a considerable strain on the heart and other vital organs, leading to a host of potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

Bariatric surgery affords people struggling with obesity a significant step toward achieving their weight-loss goals, but, as any weight-loss professional knows, it is no magical cure-all. Without adequate counseling, exercise, and significant dietary changes before and after the procedure, bariatric surgery results will be short-lived.

Weight-loss doctors and professionals can significantly increase their client’s chances of success by offering bariatric weight loss meal plans in conjunction with other treatments.


Private label medical weight loss meal plans can be invaluable when helping patients battle obesity. The Obesity Society, The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists agree that bariatric surgery can be an effective and safe intervention for select patients but stress the need for attention to nutritional and metabolic issues. 

Licensed weight loss meal plans can be beneficial to both the client and the surgeon. The pre and post-operative benefits include:

Fewer Surgical Complications
Decreases Operative Time
Increase Candidacy Odds by Reducing Liver Size
Improved Operability in Patients
Increased Post-Op Weight Loss


Prescription bariatric meal plans provided by HealthWise, NRI help patients develop better eating habits before surgery, increasing chances for long-term success. When you offer your patients effective, proven weight loss products from HealthWise, NRI, you’re giving them an invaluable tool to combat obesity.

HealthWise, NRI offers providers all the support they need to implement a bariatric surgeon meal plan in their offices, including staff training.


HealthWise, NRI developed its post-surgical meal program to ensure post-operative patients continue to lose weight while maintaining an optimally nutritious diet. High protein, low volume supplements provide essential nutrients.


Maintaining weight loss following bariatric surgery can be challenging for many patients. Old habits are far too easy to fall back on, and many patients understandably feel that, after what they’ve achieved, they deserve a little leniency in their diet after surgery.

Many of us have friends or know of folks who’ve worked hard to be candidates for bariatric surgery, only to look fantastic for a year or so before gaining all the weight, or more, back. That’s why it’s so important that patients follow a healthy, nutritious diet following surgery.

By offering your patients a private label meal plan rather than a suggested diet, you’re not only providing your patients an invaluable tool for success, but you’re increasing your bottom line and promoting your business at the same time.



When you choose HealthWise, NRI as your private label bariatric meal plan provider, you know you’re getting products and protocols designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients. Only the highest quality protein ingredients are infused into our beautiful-looking, delicious foods.


HealthWise, NRI understands that the most nutritious meal plan in the world is just so much landfill if it doesn’t taste delicious. And don’t your patients, who in many cases have worked so hard to be candidates for bariatric surgery, deserve food they can enjoy?

At HealthWise, NRI, we refer to our Food Scientists as Food Artists for a good reason. They take the taste and presentation of our food as seriously as they do the nutritional science behind the process.


Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and anyone who’s eaten Thanksgiving leftovers for a few days can attest to this. Even the most delicious feasts quickly become boring to us.

We keep this in mind, offering over two hundred nutritional products. Nobody should have to eat the same meal–even a delicious one–every day. At HealthWise, NRI, we continuously develop new and delicious nutritional products for providers to offer their patients.


When you partner with HealthWise, NRI to produce your private label nutritional meal plans, we’ll work with you every step of the way. From designing your packaging to training your employees, HealthWise, NRI stands ready to offer you friendly support whenever you need assistance.

HealthWise, NRI wants to do more than sell you a great product; we want to help your business flourish. Our no-contract private labeling programs and bracket quantity discounts on most items offer smaller providers the opportunity to offer their clients the best quality food at reasonable prices. HealthWise, NRI also offers free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.


Our mission at HealthWise, NRI is straightforward: to save lives by producing the best tasting, highest quality nutritional products.

If you’re a bariatric surgeon or weight loss professional looking for a private label nutritional meal plan provider, you owe it to yourself to call us today at 1800-395-8931. Or, visit us anytime at HealthWise, NRI to learn more about our products and services.

HealthWise, NRI has been a leader in the white label meal plan market for twenty-five years; why not find out how we can help you give your patients a better chance at achieving and maintaining their weight loss goals? Contact us at our website and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.