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HealthWise Branded Products

HealthWise branded products are only available through a medically licensed professional or a program that is supervised by a medically qualified professional. Individuals cannot purchase HealthWise branded products from Nutritional Resources Inc. Nutritional Resources Inc. policy prohibits the sale of HealthWise branded products on the Internet. For details of our policy regarding Internet sales, please contact us at info@healthwisenri.com

A growing record of success

HealthWise wants you and your patients to succeed. It’s good for all of us. So we do more than make great products. We surround those products with support and service that will make your business thrive. Here are just a few examples.

How we fight the obesity epidemic

CDC data shows that the incidence of obesity continues to rise. HealthWise helps you and your patients fight this trend by producing a diversified product line of spectacularly delicious, sensibly nutritious food and Bariatric supplements. What’s more, we’ve got a staff of food scientists that is continually extending our knowledge of how great taste and good nutrition can breed success.

We know about good food. And about good business.

HealthWise does more than make great-tasting nutritional products. We are partners with our customers, providing them with not only the products but all our expertise in running a successful weight loss practice. Our business is run by management and staff who have been in your business. As a result, you’ll have access to support and service that will exceed your expectations. HealthWise serves various medical communities including Bariatric Surgery, Ob-Gyn & Women’s Health, Endocrinology, Chiropractic, Primary Care, Cardiology, Med Spas, Urgent Care, Anti-aging, Internal Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Commercial Weight Loss Centers and more.

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